The overarching objective of the Evaluation and Implementation (E&I) theme is to enable advances in medical science to be carried through into clinical practice, effectively, efficiently and responsibly.

Specifically the E&I theme aims to;

  • Improve delivery of health research data to researchers and clinicians
  • Accelerate the responsible and evidence-based implementation of genomic technologies by identification of opportunities and barriers, multi-disciplinary engagement and detailed observation of translation processes
  • Understand the ethical, legal and social implications that result from new discoveries and ensure biomedical advances benefit the population
  • To provide social science and health economic support for BRC researchers across a range of BRC themes
  • Assist researchers in developing an appropriate implementation strategy for their own work
  • Improve knowledge on how patients can contribute to improvements in the quality of medical care

The E&I theme is the most recently established of the four cross cutting themes of the BRC and brings a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder perspective to identify issues around implementation of new technologies in clinical practice.

For information on the projects being undertaken within each of the E&I theme strands – delivering data to researchers and clinicians, assessing quality of life improvements to patients in clinical trials, ethical, social and legal implications that result from new discoveries – go to the E&I Highlights.