Population Health Science

Welcome to Population Health Science theme one of three cross-cutting themes within the BRC. Population health studies look at large numbers of individuals with the aim of understanding what factors, whether they are biological, environmental or societal, affect the health of a whole population.

The Population Health Science theme in Cambridge will support research work in cancer, cardiovascular, and endocrine studies (diabetes) to determine whether there are common shared causes of these major diseases. The importance of this type of research is to help prioritise and optimise the design of early-phase trials of novel treatments or devices.


The NIHR funding will allow us to develop and explore the major datasets of information that we hold on cardiovascular and cancer patients. We also aim to analyse the data from current epidemiological studies taking place, for example the Fenland Study and the CardioResource Study.

It is important to emphasise the cross-cutting nature of this theme and the strong collaborations that exist between members of Population Health Science and scientists in several other themes. In addition to those already mentioned our group has links with the Women’s Health and Dementia BRU.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the vital contribution made by Cambridge BioResource which continues to help recruit public volunteers that are so central to our work.

Professor John Danesh