Research Objectives

Mental Health is a new theme within the Cambridge BRC and initial investment will be concentrated across two key areas -

  • improving clinical information systems for R & D in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS foundation Trust (CPFT)
  • exploring the interface between psychiatry, neuroscience and immunology

Case Register Interactive Search (CRIS)

To improve the clinical information systems we are working with the South London & Maudsley (SLaM) BRC who have successfully developed a clinical record interrogation system which is currently the most well developed operational system among mental health research centres in the UK.

We are collaborating with SLaM to procure and implement a loally tailored version of CRIS for CPFT. Implementation of this system will support anonymised data anaylysis for epidemiological studies and in auditing. The system will also help with identifying suitable patients, on the basis of clinical data, who might be eligible to take part in future studies.

Exploring the interface between psychiatry and immunology

There is a growing interest in the idea that many psychiatric symptoms or disorders may be explicable by immune or inflammatory mechanisms.

This year we aim to build on previous interactions with relevant expertise in other themes of the BRC, Immunology and Brain Injury & Repair, to conduct some of the first clinical experiments designed to generate high quality data on the immunophenotypes of psychotic disorders.